1. Add 8 tsp loose tea leaves and 1 cup sugar to large glass bowl

2. Boil a few cups filtered water, pour into bowl. Stir and leave to cool.
3. Pour tea into a gallon jar with a sieve over the opening to catch the loose tea leaves.
4. Add scoby and 2 cups kombucha from previous batch or store.
5. Cover jar with doubled cheesecloth and rubber band, and leave 6 days on countertop out of sun.

6. Scoop out scoby and 2 cups of kombucha for next batch (throw out older scoby if a separate baby scoby has formed)
7. Pour remaining liquid into 7 bottles with funnel and sieve.
8. Add a few ounces of juice, fresh fruit, ginger, or herbs to each bottle.
9. Close each bottle tightly and leave on counter for 2 days
10. After 2 days, put bottles in fridge. Once opened, a bottle is good for one week. In fridge.
11. Repeat process with saved scoby and 2 cups kombucha.