With a very active and curious toddler in the house, I decided to go with a Christmas tree on the wall this year. I’ve seen some great ones on Pinterest made with felt, but being cheap and lazy, I wanted to see if I had some things already in the house that I could use. I found some fuzzy green yarn that looked perfect. I used the ornaments that I usually hang on our Christmas tree. You just need to choose the ones that don’t weigh too much. A piece of tape needs to be able to hold it to the wall.


  • Dark green yarn (the thicker the better)
  • Clear scotch tape
  • One roll of sparkly ribbon
  • Small light Christmas balls
  • Any other light ornaments you like
  • Some kind of star
  • A piece of dark brown felt for the stem.


  • Attach the beginning of the yarn to the wall with a small piece of tape where you want the top of the Christmas tree to be.
  • Zig zag the yarn back and forth, making it wider and wider as you go down the wall, taping it to the wall at each outer corner. Don’t pull it tight but let it hang a little loosely.
  • Finish at one of the bottom outer corners, cut, and tape to the wall.
  • Tape the star and all the ornaments TO THE WALL not the yarn. I taped them just underneath the yarn in order to hide the tape, but let them hang over top of the yarn.
  • Cut the ribbon into foot long pieces, and tie each one into a bow. Tape to the wall to fill up spots that look a bit bare or to cover up spots where the tape is obvious.
  • Tape a piece of brown felt just under the tree to look like the bark.
  • Marvel at your unique piece of art and smile knowing your toddler (or cat…or dog…) cannot destroy it.

What else could you use to decorate this “tree”?