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About Me


Hey, I’m Annelies! I was born in The Netherlands, grew up in Europe, met my husband in college, and moved to the US at the age of 25. Now (just a couple years later) we have a bright and spirited toddler, a sweet Boston Terrier, and we live in the wild and wonderful Shenandoah Valley. I have a MSc in Child and Developmental Psychology and an MA in teaching. My biggest role model and inspiration is my mother, who is a (now retired) holistic infant pediatrician in The Netherlands. Her way of raising my siblings and I as well as her wealth of knowledge has (obviously) influenced my love for all things natural and the way I’m choosing to raise my daughter and live my life.

I dabble in many things! Nutritious real food, meal planning, baby and toddler wellness, natural remedies, and making my own non-toxic household and beauty products. In all of these areas, I strive for simplicity, convenience, and balance. That’s why you’ll find that my recipes, strategies, and tips are all designed to make healthy living EASIER, instead of more complicated… so that we can spend more time enjoying life with the ones we love.

BECAUSE I know that as busy moms (or busy anyone!) the last thing we need is more stuff TO DO and more stuff to feel guilty about NOT DOING. I am by no means a perfect mom or wife and I hope I don’t come across that way 🙂  I’m all about being the best we can be, but realizing we can’t do it all. Let’s pick our battles, make changes where it counts most, give ourselves grace, and enjoy the journey. Thanks so much for visiting my site!

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